Voices of Fukushima

About “Voices of Fukushima”

As time passes since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster, the mainstream media reports less and less about what is happening in Fukushima. To combat this problem, the public participatory archiving project, “Voices of Fukushima” is aiming to collect unspoken, unheard, and personal narratives that inspire the public interest into the future. Archiving footage related to the categories: “Then”, “Now” and “Days Ahead”, our focus is to deliver and illustrate the real voices of Fukushima.
We believe every voice matters. Often raw video shot by ordinary people delivers a more powerful message and paints a more vivid portrait of what is actually taking place in the devastated area. While the full impact of the disaster is still uncertain, we hope these narratives, accumulated over years, will be a valuable public record and resource.
This project is run by the Tokyo-based non-profit media organization Our Planet TV.

Fukushima Film and Media Festival

This festival will curate films and TV programs related to Fukushima after the disaster and aims to project the reality of present-day Fukushima through a diverse range of perspectives. Also some videos from Voices of Fukushima will be selected and screened to create dialogues. It has been running yearly at Pole Pole Higashi-Nakano, a theater in Tokyo since 2013.
Our approach is to share stories and provide insights from all over the world to help people deepen their understanding about life after this terrible tragedy.